Hangr3 AI Solution

Hangr3 has a powerful AI platform that can be used to engage fans in a variety of ways. It offers a wide range of features and customization options, making it a great choice for teams of all sizes.

Create custom chatbots:

Create custom chatbots: Hangr3 allows for the creation of custom chatbots that can be used to engage with fans in a variety of ways. For example, a chatbot can be created to answer fan questions, provide behind-the-scenes content, or sell merchandise.

Embed Chatbots Anywhere:

Chatbots can be embedded anywhere on a website or in an app, making it easy for fans to interact with them no matter where they are.

Get rich and accurate responses:

Hangr3 uses ChatGPT, a large language model from OpenAI, to power its chatbots. This means that chatbots will be able to provide rich and accurate responses to user queries, even if they are open ended, challenging, or strange.

Supercharge your chatbot with powerful features:

Hangr3 offers a variety of powerful features that can be used to supercharge chatbots. These features include AI preprocessing, prompt injection, and team collaboration.

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