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HANGR3: Connecting Fans, Artists, And Cultures In The Digital Age

“We’ve just inked a massive deal to put on huge concerts with the biggest names in the world on the largest stages in China,” declares broadcasting luminary Jesse Dylan, from his home in Vancouver, British Columbia…

Beyond The Airways: Jesse Dylan's Journey From Broadcasting to AI Innovation

Many know him for his role on the iconic “Jesse & Gene” morning zoo in the late 1980’s and 90’s. Jesse Dylan’s voice, once the soundtrack to Canada’s mornings, has transcended the world of radio, crafting a narrative that goes far beyond his…

Redefining Fan Engagement with Groundbreaking AI Technology

HANGR3 marks an evolutionary shift in media and entertainment engagement, led by an impressive lineup of industry leaders. Executive Chairman Jesse Dylan, celebrated for his entrepreneurial flair and media expertise, spearheads this initiative….

HANGR3 Launches to Revolutionize Fan Enagement with Cutting-Edge AI Technology

HANGR3 Emerges with Industry Titans. In a significant breakthrough in the entertainment sector, HANGR3 announces its official launch, marking a new era in fan engagement through groundbreaking AI technology….

Redefining The Fan Experience: HANGR3, Jesse Dylan, And The Power Of Personalized Interaction

On a Monday evening in November, the clock struck 5 pm, and I set out on a journey over the Alex Fraser Bridge. My destination? The Vogue Theatre, a historic performing arts venue in Vancouver, BC, where Canadian…

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