We create opportunities for our creators, brand partners, and talent to play a meaningful role in WEB 3.0 including NFTs, DeFi, Metaverse, and much more. 

Our Expertise

About Us


HANGR3 is a unique player in the market, given its role as a true content agency. HANGR3 combines talent representation, production, marketing, distribution, and brand partnership models to form a true powerhouse. The company provides ongoing creative and management support for content partners at all campaign stages pre and post-drop, including experiential tie-ins.

For Brands

We provide access to a global network of talent. 

We make it easy to integrate NFT solutions into your platform in a bespoke, ongoing and scalable manner.

We decipher complexities and lower the barriers to entry for organizations to participate in the NFT economy

For Creators

We are a “content first” creative partner specializing in Lifestyle, Sports, Music, Entertainment, and Art. 

We provide a clear step-by-step pathway to monetize unique works across multiple verticals.

We collaborate with creators and brands to create the narrative and supporting content that creates valuable NFT drops and Metaverse experiences.

How we roll

Our process is to first engage in a ‘voyage of discovery session’ to enable us to fully understand your business, offering, or product.

The next step is to envisioneer and launch a robust NFT strategy to reach and exceed your goals.

Here’s a peek at some of our current and past projects. 

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