Women of Narcolepsy

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Women Of Narcolepsy

The first generative NFT campaign with the goal of generating awareness and raising money for Narcolepsy Research. Created entirely by 16-year-old Kylie Pine.

8,000 generatively created NFTs to make up a unique collection to represent the variety of people that can be affected by Narcolepsy. In Kylie’s case, Women of all facets of life. The collection was created entirely by 16-year-old Kylie Pine, who was diagnosed with Narcolepsy at an early age.

Beautifully Crafted

The Collection

The collection will consist of 8,000 unique pieces, based on Kylie’s artwork, with 10 Categories of traits, and 10-40 unique traits for each category. The result will be a widely varied collection of Women with various hairstyles, accessories, outfits, and more.

Each element in the collection is based around a rarity structure that assigns various percentages for specific traits, which will add a degree of value and scarcity, and will help drive secondary sales



Generatively created NFTs, with not 1 the same as the other.



Of all primary sales is to be donated directly to Wake Up Narcolepsy, an organization that funds Narcolepsy research.



The incredible artwork was created by 16 year old, Kylie Pine, who was diagnosed with Narcolepsy at a young age.

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